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IMPACT Silver Corp.
IMPACT Silver Corp is a growing silver mining company with four producing mines in Mexico. IMPACT's three 100%-owned and operated underground silver mines feed a central 500 tonne-per-day processing plant, located within the historic Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District. IMPACT's new Capire Production Centre, which is home to the new Capire open-pit silver mine, commenced initial pilot production in March 2013. The recent commencement of production at the underground Cuchara-Oscar Mine and the open-pit Capire Mine represents the next phase of significant production growth for the Company, and aims to establish IMPACT as a multimillion ounce silver producer.

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Aluminum $0.77 -0.84 5/27/15 3:18
Copper $2.78 -0.26 5/27/15 3:18
Lead $0.87 0.21 5/27/15 3:16
Nickel $5.74 0.88 5/27/15 3:19
Zinc $0.99 0.18 5/27/15 3:18


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